Turning Interest Into Action

Here at Cultural Fusion Initiative, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources into life-changing opportunities that lead to a shared artistic expression. Steeped in a tradition of creating immersive artistic experiences dating back to 2009, we’ve been supporting artists in a variety of ways and measuring our success not only by the quality of our projects, but by the fruit produced long after the intial CFI collaboration. This is the true legacy we strive to create; to be the catalyst for future, powerful artistic endeavors. Just imagine what we can achieve together!


Making A Difference



The Cultural Fusion Initiative is an international nonprofit organization that is based on the idea that the Arts best express the fundamental nature of our human experience. Our rich cultural diversity, an important source of inspiration, is often isolated by geographical boundaries and differing political ideologies. Our goal is to transcend these barriers and offer artists a platform to explore the fusion of creative ideas from their own cultures with other world traditions.

The Stage


We envision a global community of artists coming together to celebrate and explore their shared humanity through the lens of creative activity.

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The Experience of Art

The Arts reflect, challenge, and refine values and ideals of an open-minded society. The CFI fosters an environment that allows for emotionally transformative exchanges between art, artists, and the audience. We seek to offer artistic experiences that inspire, provoke, and stimulate discussions on social and cultural issues.

Responsibility, Education, and Sustainability

In supporting collaborative opportunities for artists, we are continually looking for innovative concepts and formats for expressing cultural ideals. One of the CFI’s primary goals is to develop and sustainably support young artists, as well as to educate our audiences on the purpose, power, and value of art.

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